An XL grinding machine

Q-fin Quality Finishing developed the TopGrinder, an XL grinding machine. This manually operating mobile machine can be used for grinding, deburring, edge rounding and polishing. The TopGrinder is suitable for steel, aluminium or stainless steel. This machine is available in two systems: a vacuum support and a magnet support.

Removes all the metal spurs

Deburring is an essential part of the working process. Machines with burrs could be a danger to those who are operating it. The TopGrinder removes all the metal spurs, even the most smallest, invisible ones. It is an XL grinding machine that meets all the standards and protects your machines and your products from damage. The TopGrinder deburrs semi-automatically in a cost-effective way.

An XL grinding machine with an ergonomically design

The TopGrinder is an XL grinding machine with an ergonomically design. It has a two-button control, which ensures more safety on the work floor. This mobile grinding and deburring machine is equipped with an adjustable speed and a vacuum system. Thanks to the innovative balance arms, you can adjust the correct grinding pressure. With our high quality machine, it is possible to realise a very high- graded edge rounding with a little effort, straight forward burrs grinding and even high-gloss polishing.