Why business architecture is so important!

It might sound as a complicated word “business architecture“. However, it is not as complicated as it sounds. It actually means the integration of IT within your organisation. This is really important for the performance of your firm! This blog will explain why.

Business architecture at its finest

Having a proper enterprise architecture, means you have such a well-integrated platform within your firm that you can easily share knowledge and information with and between your employees. That way, it doesn’t matter where your employees are working, they will always have access to essential knowledge regarding their tasks and the organisation itself. This also allows employees to share ideas that could be valuable to the company or indicate any issues they are experiencing. The whole firm can then address this together!


One of the benefits of having a proper business architecture is that it makes the management of business processes a lot more efficient. Therewith, you enable efficiency all around the organisation. This means that you can create value for your customers at a minimum level of costs. Especially when you keep innovating and looking for new solutions, the effeciency of your organisation could significantly improve!


Another benefit of having qualitative business architectures is that communication within the organisation becomes a lot more effective. Communication is often a big contributor to financial losses, losses of key personnel and general dissatisfaction amongst employees. By implementing a platform that allows fore clear and effective communication between all departments within the firm, these communication issues are minimised. This could contribute a lot to a firm’s performance!

Taking business architecture seriously could, therefore, never hurt! It is however essential that you take into account any security issues regaring heavy use of IT as well as the fact that you have to keep innovating and improving your business architecture!